Tax and Accounting for Individuals

Individual Services

Tax Preparation & Tax Planning for Individuals

Below are examples of cases where hiring us as your Tax Pro can reduce your tax liability and headaches:

  • You are a business owner, self-employed, or have a side business
  • You own a rental property, or you flip homes
  • You had a major life change such as marriage or divorce
  • You bought or sold a home
  • You had multiple investment transactions during the year
  • Your record keeping is not great
  • You anticipate an audit
  • You have unpaid taxes or previously nonfiled returns
  • You are a high-income earner
  • Your taxes are complicated with several forms and you don’t know how to use tax laws to your benefit
  • You are not confident dealing with the IRS on technical issues
  • You don’t know what triggers IRS Audits
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Above are scenarios that require someone who has special knowledge of the tax code and laws. They can create stress and future headaches if you make a mistake or don’t know the tax laws for your situation. We specialize in handling these scenarios and know how to be compliant with the tax laws and minimize your tax liability. We also know how to minimize the chance of an audit or dispute with the IRS

We can also help you by doing tax planning (a comprehensive financial review) early in the year to identify opportunities and actions to take during the year so you do not miss out and minimize your tax liabilty at the end of the year. 

Tax Resolution for Individuals

If you not filed a tax return in a few years, are being audited by the IRS, or have the IRS contacting your for tax problems we can help you. See our website page:

Bookkeeping/Advising for Individuals

We can help you by managing your personal bookkeeping, conducting net worth analysis, advising you on important financial decisions, and providing regular financial analysis to help you set and stay on track to meet your long term financial goals